Monday, May 28, 2007

2008 GOP Straw Poll Campaign 2008 Zeitgeist

Campaign 2008 Zeitgeist as Posted and un-edited. Updated 24/7. This series will spotlight the republican candidates in real time and we hope with an unbiased view. The parameters are the widest possible to return the most meaningful results. The experiment is ment to capture the Zeitgeist and therefor the true nature of the race. Let the games begin.

John McCain Zeitgeist || Mike Huckabee Zeitgeist || Tom Tancredo Zeitgeist || Rudy Giuliani Zeitgeist || Fred Thompson Zeitgeist || Mitt Romney Zeitgeist || Ron Paul Zeitgeist || Newt Gingrich Zeitgeist

2008 GOP Straw Poll, Campaign 2008 Zeitgeist

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