Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pearl Harbor Remembered

Attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese planes view

Audio: The audio is a Public Domain recording of the The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum Audio Archive From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Images: All of The images in this collection are Public Domain. Credit, NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER and Navy NewsStand - Eye on the Fleet.

Video: Flag videos are from YouTube - Broadcast Yourself courtesy users lilly7301 and gully42

For complete documentation of each image follow links below.

Navy NewsStand - Eye on the Fleet

  • 071204-N-9758L-067 PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (Dec. 6, 2007) Seaman Apprentice Chaz Chesnek, assigned to Naval Station (NAVSTA)

  • 070911-N-4965F-001 PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (Sept. 11, 2007) Pearl Harbor. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class James E. Foehl (RELEASED)


  • Pearl Harbor Raid, 7 December 1941;

  • Pearl Harbor in 1940-1941;

  • Japanese Forces in the Pearl Harbor Attack;

  • Overall Views of the Pearl Harbor Attack;

  • "Battleship Row" during the Pearl Harbor Attack;

  • Attacks off the West Side of Ford Island;

  • Attacks in the Navy Yard Area;

  • Attacks on Airfields and Aerial Combat;

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