Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marlin Stutzman An Original 9 12 Patriot VIDEO

Marlin is a fourth-generation farmer who grew up on a farm in Howe, Indiana. As co-owner with his father, Albert, he runs Stutzman Farms, farming 4,000 acres in the Michiana area. He is also owner of Stutzman Farms Trucking. As a farmer and small business owner, he understands the challenges that Hoosiers face every day.

First elected to the Indiana State House of Representatives in 2002, at the age of 26, Marlin served as the youngest member of the legislature until 2006. Since his election as State Representative and now as State Senator for District 13, he has proven to be an effective voice fighting to reduce wasteful government spending and to bring jobs to Indiana.
Marlin Stutzman
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He has fought for lower taxes, less regulation and balanced budgets. He consistently receives 90% ratings or above from the Chamber of Commerce and other small business associations for his support of pro-business legislation, and in 2008 he won the Small Business Champion Award from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as the ranking member of the State Senate Utilities and Technology Committee and has helped to pass alternative energy incentive legislation in Indiana.
He stands strong for traditional family values and in 2005 co-authored the first Pro-life legislation to pass in Indiana in twelve years. In 2006 he served as the Chairman of the Public Policy Committee taking strong stands for conservative values on controversial issues. Marlin and his wife, Christy, have two children, an 8-year old son, Payton, and 3 year old son, Preston. The Stutzmans are actively involved in their community.

Christy is the Vice-Regent of her local DAR chapter, and Marlin serves on the board of LaGrange Farm Bureau. They are active members of Community Baptist Church. Marlin also enjoys going on missions trips, and has served in foreign countries including Russia, Haiti, Mexico, and Guatemala. Marlin is a member of NFIB, ARC of Indiana, Indiana Farm Bureau, Howe Community Association, NRA, Northeast Indiana Right to Life and has helped as an assistant coach for his sons Little

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Joey B. said...

Hey Marlin -

Why don't you put OUR money where your MOUTH is and return the one million dollars in Federal Farm Subsidy hand-outs you've taken from the pockets of American tax-payers?

Anonymous said...

why is it so difficult to find your party affiliation. your not a democrat so your not a socialist
stating your are a conservative republican is a good thing

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