Monday, August 16, 2010

Scott Walker Ad Tells Obama:"We Will Stop This Train" VIDEO

Scott Walker will stop the high speed rail boondoggle to fix our broken roads and bridges.

Wauwatosa – Today, the campaign of Scott Walker, Milwaukee County executive and candidate for governor, released a new TV ad that directly confronts President Obama and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on their support for the boondoggle $810 million train from Milwaukee to Madison. The new ad was launched alongside a new campaign website:

President Obama will be in Wisconsin on Monday to headline a $10,000 per photo fundraiser for Tom Barrett, his handpicked candidate for governor.

“The hardworking families of Wisconsin do not want to pick up the tab for yet another of President Obama and Mayor Barrett’s reckless spending sprees,” said Walker. “The $810 million boondoggle train is a perfect example of the out of control taxing and spending in Washington and Madison. This is not ‘free money’ for Wisconsin – this is YOUR money. Unlike Jim Doyle and Tom Barrett, if you elect me governor, I’ll stop this train and put government back on the side of the people.”

On Monday, Scott will be holding a Brown Bag rally under the crumbling Hoan Bridge in opposition to the train. 

Walker’s ad, “Yes We Can” will air statewide.

Scott Walker Ad: "Yes We Can" (:60) FULL TEXT TRANSCRIPT.

President Barack Obama: "Make no mistake..."

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker: "We're trying not to. But you, President Obama, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, are trying to spend $810 million to build a high speed train line between Milwaukee and Madison.

Obama: "Now, let me be clear…"

Walker: "No, let me be clear. I'd rather take that money and fix Wisconsin's crumbling roads and bridges."

Obama: "This isn't about me."

Walker: "You're right, it's about Wisconsin's hardworking families who are going to have to pick up the tab. They are going to have to spend up to $10 million a year just to keep a train running they may never ride."

Obama: "It won't happen overnight."

Walker: "Construction for this boondoggle will begin this fall and end in 2013."

Obama: "Change isn't easy..."

Walker: "…but stopping runaway government spending is. I'm Scott Walker, and if I'm elected your next governor, we'll stop this train! Working together, we can help put the government back on the side of the people again."

Obama: "Yes we can!"

Walker: [shrugs]

Walker (voiceover): "Want less government and lower taxes? I'm Scott Walker, and I know how to get the job done. Join us at

TEXT CREDIT: Scott Walker for Wisconsin Governor

VIDEO CREDIT: supportscottwalker

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