Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rand Paul response to President Obama State of the Union address FULL VIDEO

Republican National Convention Blog. Sen. Rand Paul delivered his response to President Obama's State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. Below is the video and excerpts of his speech.


"Let me say from the outset, I will work with the President, Democrats, Independents and anyone else who wants to get people back to work and alleviate poverty in our country."

Rand Paul"In the marketplace, most small businesses fail. If government is to send money to certain people to create businesses, they will more often than not pick the wrong people and no jobs will be created."

"Government spending doesn't work. It doesn't create jobs. Only the democracy of the marketplace can find those capable of creating jobs."

"I believe in an America with a strong safety net, but one that doesn't suffocate our resolve to better ourselves and our country."

"The ticket to the middle class is not higher taxes on the very businesses that must create the jobs."

"Economic growth will come when we lower taxes for everyone, especially people who own businesses and create jobs."

"We must choose a new way, a way that empowers the individual through education and responsibility to earn a place alongside their fellow Americans in the most prosperous nation ever conceived."


Sen. Rand Paul Washington, DC 124 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC, 20510 Phone: 202-224-4343

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