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rnc entertainer elisabeth hasselbeck pregnant

UPDATE 10/26/08 Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduces Sarah Palin at Florida Rally VIDEO

10/23/08 Elisabeth Hasselbeck to campaign for Sarah Palin VIDEO

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AP Photo/Haraz N. GhanbariUPDATE: 05/07/07 Guest List for the State Dinner in Honor of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Released by the White House, Office of the First Lady, Mrs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Host, The View, Mr. Timothy Hasselbeck, Professional Football Player. FULL LIST

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, left, host of The View, and her husband Timothy Hasselbeck, a New York Giants quarterback, walk through the Booksellers Area as they arrive for the State Dinner in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Monday, May 7, 2007, at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)*
elisabeth hasselbeck pregnant vidcap from The View
EXCLUSIVE PODCAST of Elisabeth's announcement Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnant with second child! While Elisabeth Hasselbeck won't be permanently departing The View she will take a leave of absence as she announced to the world she is pregnant with her second child.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnant with second child, vidcap from the view 1On Monday's edition of The View, (05/30/07) Rosie O'Donnell sparked the conversation when she asked Hasselbeck if there was anything new in her life. Elisabeth Hasselbeck's response was, "Um, just a couple of things. Like, I'm totally three months pregnant,
I figured that we're going to be lonely without you so Tim and I thought we should get busy and maybe make a little co-host."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnant with second child, vidcap from the view 2Elisabeth and her husband, pro football star Tim Hasselbeck, are expecting the baby sometime in November. Hasselbeck said they didn't know the baby's gender, and that they would await the child's birth to find out.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnant with second child, vidcap from the view 3Barbara Walters said after the announcement that, "When you said you had an announcement, my heart sank!" The November due date has one thing that both Hasselbeck and O'Donnell both noted: "Sweeps!" Hasselback joked, "That's a gift to you," in reference to the likely boon in viewers.
Joy Behar noted that it was, "perfect timing," and that, "Kelly Ripa always gave birth during sweeps."
Elisabeth Hasselbeck pregnant with second child, vidcap from the view 4Elisabeth Hasselbeck's announcement on The View was slightly anti-climactic, as ABC and Hasselbeck had already released a statement about the co-host's pregnancy. "Tim and I are incredibly thankful and excited," said Elisabeth Hasselbeck in a statement quoted by E Online.
With this pregnancy, the couple will welcome either a brother or sister for their two-year-old daughter, Grace Elisabeth

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Elisabeth A Video Tribute, must view for any fan, by byzantinechild this from the creator "Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the only hot AND conservative View panelist often comes under fire because liberals can't see things the other way and she's automatically branded as a crazy!
She's not crazy at all, and she's smoking hot! Enjoy this photo tribute to the only reason I watch 'The View'."

UPDATE - 11/24/06, For the record, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was not raped and murdered, while Elizabeth Hassenback most definitely was on Law & Order: SVU.

UPDATE - 08/02/06 BARBARA WALTERS, ELISABETH HASSELBECK clashed today on "morning after pill" BARBARA WALTERS, ELISABETH HASSELBECK clashed today (08/02/06) after a disagreement over the morning-after pill. The panel on THE VIEW were discussing the day's "hot topics" - including the US Food and Drug Administration's plan to consider selling the morning after pill over the counter.

HASSELBECK: "My heart is almost out of my chest right now - I feel very strongly about this"

LISA LOEB: calls HASSELBECK's views "extreme."

WALTERS: "Elisabeth, calm down! Everybody has strong opinions on this and there are many other arguments other people could give you ... I think the most important thing, which is what we see today, is to be able to have these discussions and listen to other people's opinions and not go so crazy that you don't listen to other people's opinions ... We have to have a way of discussing this without exploding, because people have to understand each other."

HASSELBECK: tries to interrupt.

WALTERS: "Can we stop now?"

HASSELBECK: rips up note cards as the show cut to commercial.

show returns

WALTERS: comforting teary HASSELBECK, "The wonderful thing about this show is we can have discussions that we feel very emotional about. We respect your opinion."

HASSELBECK: kissing WALTERS, "I love being here with you guys" crawls into Walter's lap and being cradled by WALTERS.
Wedding Day to Tim, vidcap from Isaac Mizrahi: Style NetworkBaby Grace and Tim, vidcap from Isaac Mizrahi: Style Network
UPDATE: NEW YORK Wednesday April 12, 2006 11:30 PM EDT-- Elisabeth Hasselbeck, revealed during Wednesday’s "The View" that she and her husband were being stalked.

Barbara Walters read (Windows Media format audio) a statement from the Hasselbecks. (Text Transcript Below)

"In recent weeks, Elisabeth and her husband, Tim, have been stalked and harassed by an individual or individuals who seem to want to do them harm. Now, someone has contacted the newspapers,"

The statement further revealed that the accusations involved child protective services. The accusations were investigated and found to be false, the case has been handed over to the district attorney's office.

The Hasselbecks daughter, Grace, is 1-year-old.

After reading the statement, Walters assured Elisabeth "you have our love and our respect, we couldn't care for you or Tim more than we do."

Hasselbeck said the accusations have been disturbing, but she is happy that the matter is on its way to being resolved.
Washington House Republican Caucus: Members: Crouse: Photo Gallery
Matt Hasselbeck - Seahawks
Tim Hasselbeck - Giants

Star Jones scolded her View cohosts Tuesday November 16, 2004 for breaking several of her wedding "rules."
"My cohosts, you guys, showed out," Jones said, explaining that the term is a Southern saying for behaving badly.e-mail gif Courtesy Absolute Web Graphics Archive

co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck for rearranging seating cards. Also Meredith Vieira, who moved her seat next to Hasselbeck (both came without dates), And Joy Behar, guilty of bringing a camera

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the perky cohost of “The View” is pregnant. She made the announcement at the start of today’s (09/22/04) show after and the other hosts Meredith Vieira, Star Jones and Joy Behar walked on stage with fake pregnant bellies. more at hasselbeck pregnant elitetv

First Group of Entertainers Announced for the 2004 Republican National Convention
Contact: Leonardo Alcivar (212) 356-2300
Elizabeth Hasselbeck Elizabeth Hasselbeck
Mrs. Hasselbeck grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and is the daughter of Kenneth Filarski and Elisabeth DelPadre

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Hasselbeck, formerly Elisabeth Filarski, is best known to audiences as a participant on the popular second edition of the Survivor game show, Survivor: The Australian Outback, and for her current role as a co-host of ABC's daytime talk show The View. A 1999 graduate of Boston College, Elisabeth is married to NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck. While at Boston College, she captained her championship D-1 softball team, as her studies centered on her studio art major. Hasselbeck has recently been putting her flair for fashion to good use as a host of the Style Network's The Look for Less, which helps viewers find designer looks at bargain prices. She has also hosted programs on MTV. Hasselbeck has a passion for working with Breast Cancer Prevention, Research and Support.

  • Elisabeth Hasselback's RNC speech - Thank you. It is an honor to be with you tonight. In a distant land, heroic men and women are risking their lives fighting for our freedom, our families, and our future -- and I deeply thank them, and their families, for their service. On American soil, heroic women are fighting a different battle a silent campaign for their freedom, their families, and their future. It is the fight against breast cancer.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

(born Elisabeth Del Padre Filarski, born on May 28, 1977 in Cranston, Rhode Island), is an American television personality. She initially started as a footwear designer and came to public attention after she placed fourth in the television program Survivor: The Australian Outback. She currently is the youngest host on the daytime talk show The View. She is of Polish and Italian descent.

As a child, she lived in Providence and Cranston, Rhode Island. She graduated from St. Mary Academy - Bay View in Riverside, Rhode Island in 1993. Although she was raised by liberal parents, Elisabeth is politically conservative. She is pro-life, unconvinced that global warming is the result of man made causes, a supporter of the Iraq War, and a believer in the ideal of the proposed democratization of the Middle East. She worked as a shoe designer for Puma in 1998, while attending Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Elisabeth has Celiac Disease, and has talked about it many times on The View.

At Boston College, she was a 1997 and 1998 Orientation Leader. She also played softball at BC and was captain of the team for two seasons. She graduated from BC in 1999.

During her season of Survivor (2001), she was originally a member of the Kucha tribe, and was the last remaining member of that tribe in the game before being voted off on Day 39 and finishing fourth overall. As her luxury item, she brought a self-made immunity headress. At the end of the game, she was the most popular Survivor of that season among the fans, rating a 9.3 out of 10 in the online approval poll; despite this, she is consistently voted as the least popular hostess on The View. Producers wanted her to return for the Survivor: All-Stars edition, but she was unable to attend because she was starting her tenure at The View at the time.

From 1999 to 2002, she hosted the Style Network documentary-style style program Stylemakers. She was also the host of The Look for Less from 2002 to 2003. In 2003, Elisabeth was one of a number of women who guest-hosted to replace outgoing The View co-host Lisa Ling. Elisabeth was then among the last few contenders, and was finally chosen by the ladies (in a Survivor-style Tribal Council) as the new co-host.

Hasselbeck represents the dissenting position on The View, defending creationism and opposing euthanasia and abortion. She was a supporter of President George W. Bush's reelection campaign and delivered a primetime speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

She is a supporter of cervical health and encourages women to have regular exams. In recent years she has worked with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Making Memories Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, The Wireless Amber Alert Program Initiative and The World Scholar Athlete Games.

Since her appearance on Survivor, she has married (in July 2002) her college sweetheart, current New York Giants backup quarterback Tim Hasselbeck. In the past, Hasselbeck has been open about owing much of her career to the influence of her husband's family, particularly her father-in-law, Don Hasselbeck. On April 6, 2005, she gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Grace Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Her brother-in-law is Seattle Seahawks Pro-bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

In 2007, Elisabeth was asked to participate in the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars. She turned the offer down due to her commitment with The View and her family.

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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mrs. Hasselbeck runs into walls or other stationary objects...? Barbara should have just flicked her in the forehead and told her to sit.

sookietex said...

so anonymous, are you saying ms hasselbeck's opinion(s), because they differ from her co-hosts are not valid, or shouldn't have an equal chance of expression, or both?

cakjdo said...

She has the right to give an opinion- but she is unable to without FREAKING out- that does not show passion- it shows her immaturity.

Anonymous said...

My Question is...Why does she care what other people do with their own bodies? If no one is forcing her to take the morning after pill... What business is it of her’s if other people take it?... If it’s a religious reason why she says this, then she needs to remember, she’s not going to hell for the sins of others!

Lee said...

I have a comment about today's show in which one of the hosts, Ms.Hasselbeck, described growing up in a household where racism was not known to her until recently. I believe she and many people who are raised the same way are the reasons why America has been a threatening place to live for all black people, rich and poor. And it is solely done by the notion that systemic racism does not exist and that Black people need to get over slavery.

I have some eye opening news for Ms. Hasselbeck. The Gena 6 case is one of many cases where Blacks have been the victims of systemic racism in many facets of American life. For instance, try reliving the events of 9/11 everyday of your life and now try to psychologically remain sane and productive through it for more than 400 years systemic racism nonstop with very small change in your social, political, economic, and family life.

What you are doing has been coined "White Supremacy ". It's when someone such as yourself can only interpret your own life events and gauge everyone else base on how you feel at the time. For example, if you are happy about current events in regards to say the public educational system in New York, then everybody must be happy because your personal life and experience with such system is a reflection of everybody.

That would only be true if everybody's children attended the same school and lived in the same good, wholesome American neighborhood. In reality, this is not the case due to the disproportionate amount of Black and Brown children from inner city 'hoods who live in districts that have been systemically underfunded and are dangerous.

I would like for you and people who think like you to open your eyes to systemic racism in this country and be aware of it, so that we as Americans can put a stop to it when it displays itself in places like The Gena 6, the work place, and the justice system. Together we can make America the country her forefathers intended her to be, pluralistic and inclusive in all areas in life.

Anonymous said...

Elisabeth is too immature to be a host on "The View." It amazes me that today the clip of her speaking negatively about Mrs.Obama was omitted.She has no experience about what Blacks have been through(her words)so she should not comment. I am so glad that Democrats do not have to stoop so low as to have the negativity thrown around. I'm sure from reading this Elisabeth thought she did a great job at the luncheon for the RNC

lorrie said...

You Go Girl!!! You were in the right forum to say your comments. They have short memories at the view, remember when most of the panel dissed Dr. Laura,ON AIR, after she made an invited guest appearance. (Joy was the most quilty) She seems so bitter now, she now resembles Rosie. Unhappy and Angry. So pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Lee,
MOVE ON... The rasist arguement is so over used. Honey, dig alittle deeper. Or take some responsibility
for your own short commings. You are the reason rasism is growing! You and Rev. Wright!

Anonymous said...

Why does the view only have one conservative view??? They have 5 hosts! I think they are bullies. If it's really the "View" why is it 5 to 1 in favor of Barbara Walter's view. Kinda strange, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth is wonderful and should leave the View and join Fox...Christ once said that the well have no need of a physician. I come to heal the sick but the View is a terminally ill patient and beyond help.

chenricksen said...

I am responding to the person about the 5 hosts. You are totally right!!!! I have always thought it was so unfair the way they run their show. They should have equal views from both sides. (But then they would be more like Fox News) And we all know most of the networks are liberal Dems, so they would never allow that. I love Elizabeth and I would be happy to see her on Fox News, The View is a stupid show and I'm sick of it. I used to think Joy was funny, now she is nothing more than a bitter, snotty Bitch.

Anonymous said...

I love Elizabeth and the way she stands up for herself and her beliefs. You go girl!!!!

Vote McCain-Palin

Carla said... said...

hey - Elizabeth hang in there! I'm 43 yrs old, have 5 kids, married to hs sweetheart and live on 50,000 yr income. I have never been so scared and confused in my life with this election. I liked Obama but never imagined he could be president (maybe in a few more years) This is the most race/party related election we will ever have in our time and I pray everyday that if elected the Country has not made a mistake. So many important facts are overlooked. I still have not heard if he was born in the USA/Kenya, people he's associated with etc. and I still feel both he and his wife have a serious problem with the white race???. Thanks to the media/star coverage he probably will be elected! But not for the experience!!! I hope this will not sets us all back. Check out the interview sent to Howard Stern that was done in Harlem hs_sal_in_harlem_100108.mp3 Thats says alot! GOD BLESS AMERICA

Wolfpacko4 said...


So why do you think it is that the Democrats are being permitted to perpetuate tha falicy of the "gender gap."

I believe Senator Obama became well aware of this since the Fair Pay bill he co-sponsored with 15 Democratic Senators failed miserably because is had no substance of reality. Even CNN-Money reported (June 5, 2007 - Obama Flunks Econ 101) that the bill was "misguided." Actually the article went on to suggest to Senator Obama that his position on the economy needed to look more like capitalism - yes CNN.

In 2003, June O'Neill, economist and former director of the Congressional Budget Office conducted research to exam the validity of the claim the women we being paid less than men for the same work (actually closer to 81 cents on the dollar than 71 cents as claimed by Senator Obama). Her conclusion was that pay differences were the result of several factors, none of them pointing to descrimination. Women have a tendency to pursue different career paths (less technical) then men and have a greater instance of working for non-profits. Also, women have a greater tendency to leave the workforce for a period of time (generally between the ages of 25 and 34 - not too difficult to figure out why) and there are also differences in level of education as well as the fact that men have a tendency to work longer hours than women. Her bottom line conclusion was that when all factors were truely equal, pay was equal, within 2%.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of that wrath, when the word gets out that women are being exploited - yet again - for their vote.

p.s. How have you kept your sanity in the environment of The View. Thanks for having the strength to hold your ground! When do you get some backup?

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I want to commend you on your poise and grace. You are without a doubt the most well-mannered member of the view. As I write this I am watching the show that aired 7-28-09. Once again you are being cut off and belittled for your beliefs. Whoopi has just raised her voice to shut you up. Wow. You handle it graciously. And daily I notice that Sherri seems to emit green jealous air around you. I am proud of you and only hope I can emulate your demeanor. If it were not for you "The View" would be just a bunch of crazies spouting garbage and not even hearing what the others said. Thank you for being a role model to women.

Overseas Mortgages said...

Wow what a post, must of took an eternity

SEO said...

I wish you worked in my sector, your post are well informative

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Elisabeth, for saying what the majority of taxpaying Americans feel today that Congress isn't listening...4 Democrat votes in the House, through arm twisting an bribery, determined 1/6 of our economy by passing health care...dispicable as it is, the Senate did the same thing at Christmas...this isn't over; they won the battle but not the war!

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