Tuesday, June 19, 2007

US Military "Gay Bomb" VIDEO

A chemical weapon that could be dropped on the enemy troops to make them sexually irresistible to each other Sunshine Project Uncovers US Military "Gay Bomb" Pentagon Examined Sexual Warfare Proposal From Air Force's Wright Laboratory Original Document in PDF format

Original Document

"The Pentagon has confirmed rumors that it tried to develop a gay bomb -- a bomb that used chemicals to make enemy soldiers attracted to one another. A documentary about the gay bomb will be broadcast on both the History Channel and Bravo. ... Insiders say this will be the biggest gay bomb since 'Rent' was made into a movie. ... They even devoted a special plane to drop the bomb. It's the Enola Really Gay" --Jay Leno

“The Pentagon has admitted they once tried to develop a gay bomb, a bomb that would turn enemy soldiers gay. This is true. They said their goal was to turn the Iraq war into a musical. I believe the main ingredient in the gay bomb was Agent Orange with a chartreuse accent. In fact, when asked what impact this gay bomb would have, the head of the Joint Chiefs said, ‘Fabulous!’” --Jay Leno

"CBS News reports that the Pentagon once considered building a bomb filled with hormones that would turn enemy soldiers gay. ... Experts say the gay bomb would have meant battlefield victories for the U.S. and higher ratings for the Tony Awards" --Conan O'Brien

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