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Steve Schmidt Biography

"he has the ability to think seven moves ahead of the other campaign."
Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman

Steve Schmidt Judge Alito Senate Confirmation

President George W. Bush shakes hands with Judge Samuel A. Alito in the Roosevelt Room of the White House Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006, after the Senate voted to confirm Judge Alito as the 110th Justice of the Supreme Court.

Looking on, from left, are: Harriet Miers, Counsel to the President; Bill Kelley, Deputy Counsel to the President; Steve Schmidt, Deputy Assistant to the President and former Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.). At right are Mrs. Martha Ann Alito and Ed Gillespie. White House photo by Eric Draper
Steve Schmidt 37, Joined Supporters Of Senator McCain In 2008 on December 21, 2006. Mr. Schmit previously served at the White House as Deputy Assistant to the President and Counselor to the Vice President. During his tenure at the White House, Schmidt played a leading role in the confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

In 2004 Schmidt helped to direct the daily message and response operation for the President's re-election campaign and was also a member of the campaign's senior strategic planning group. Schmidt has also served as the communications director of the National Republican Congressional Committee and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
Steve worked as the campaign manager for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's successful 2006 re-election bid and joined Senator John McCain's presidential exploratory committee on December 21, 2006. (Contact: Danny Diaz, John McCain 2008 703-418-2008) and had worked for the 1998 campaign of U.S. Senate candidate Matt Fong.

Steve is a native of North Plainfield, N.J., the son of a school teacher and a business executive. His first campaign was handing out materials for Democrat Bill Bradley's 1978 Senate campaign. He and his wife Angela, a former Navy nurse, have two children 4 1/2 and 2.

PJM's Bill Bradley interviews John McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt



Steve Wilson, NPHS class of 1990 said...

I used to get drunk with Steve Schmidt in high school. I am glad for his success - he is a good and a smart guy. But he helped elect a moron to the presidency and he still owes me and my friends a case of beer from the time he crashed our beach house in LBI. Is this the kind of man you want roaming unchecked through the corridors of power? ;-)

Steve Wilson said...

Well, no sooner did I hit "publish" than I immediately realized that my idea of a joke was actually pretty classless and lame. Whatever my feelings for the president may be, they should not be aired in a way that detracts from Steve Schmidt's amazing accompishments. That's not what a friend does. Sorry, Steve. Congrats...and keep the beer.

sookietex said...

Hi Steve Wilson, pleasure to hear from you. It takes a man of great character to say they're sorry. Don't be too hard on yourself...remember, all is forgiven when it is funny, and said in a competitive spirit.

all the best,

Bill Carpenter Sr said...

If Steve Schmidt has the " ability to think seven moves ahead of the other campaign." Sarah Palin has the ability to think 7000 moves ahead of the other campaign AND Steve Schmidt.The single biggest cause of the McCain/Palin loss is Steve Schmidt. Steve Schmidt is a disgrace to America and the Republican Party. Steve Schmidt will have his nose rubbed in it when Sarah Palin becomes not only the Republican nominee, but President of these United States. I will be totally surprised if Steve Schmidt ever is selected to any meaningful employment, especially within the Republican Party. Good going Steve, you screwed up the whole deal.
Oh by the way, I have something in commom with Sarah, GUTS. I use my "REAL" name when I state my opinion.

Bill Carpenter Sr.

sookietex said...

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your sincere and passionate comments---from your lips to whatever higher powers' ears on Gov. Palin's ascension.

Bill Carpenter Sr said...

Well, Well, look what I found. Obviously in not only me.

Bill Carpenter
Auburn, CA


Caffeinated Thoughts: A Little Perspective on Steve Schmidt
By Doug Brady

Via Caffeinated Thoughts:

I really didn’t want to give this the time of day, but decided to address it. 60 Minutes interviewed the authors of a new book, Game Change and former McCain Campaign top campaign strategist, Steve Schmidt to discuss the 2008 Presidential Race. They spent 13 minutes discussing this book. John Ziegler pointed out what a joke this segment was, especially seen in time spent on various topics within the campaign:

The segment on the book was just under thirteen minutes long. About eleven of those were spent discussing the losing side’s Vice Presidential candidate. About seven minutes were used interviewing the strategist for the losing the campaign and allowing him to take unsubstantiated pot shots at the aforementioned VP candidate. Less than two minutes was used on the current Secretary of State’s bid to be the actual President. Virtually zero seconds were given to the campaign of the current President. Literally zero seconds were devoted to brand new and startling revelations in “Game Change” regarding scandals involving John and Elizabeth Edwards and Harry Reid.

Well not spending any time on Obama’s controversies or Democratic controversies seems to be par for the course with the media today. Steve Schmidt for his part seems to be doing a great job destroying his own career, so why bother giving him an extra push off the proverbial cliff? Schmidt represents what is wrong about the GOP.


Let me give you some perspective from Iowa. Here is what I learned from two former Iowa McCain/Palin Campaign staffers. Because of campaigns they are currently involved with I’m keeping them anonymous. Here’s what I learned:

▪ “Steve Schmidt was an absolute nightmare.”

▪ “Incompetent”

▪ “We McCainiacs (people around from the beginning) never felt like he had McCain’s best interest in mind.”

▪ “Was never around, and once (when in Iowa) disappeared for three days and we were unable to get a hold of him.”

▪ “Let his personal positions get in the way of the campaign.”

▪ “Did not have a clue about Iowans.” (demonstrated by canceling a hunting photo op with Palin without explanation and said, “Iowans won’t care about that”)

This doesn’t paint a picture of competence. Schmidt is not credible, he ran a horrible campaign and is trying to cover his butt.

So please do us a favor Schmidt: shut up and never, ever go near a campaign ever again. Unless it’s a Democrat’s campaign; that would be all right.

Anonymous said...

And the beat goes on. Will Someone in the Republican Party tell Steve Schmidt to just SHUT UP and go away.
The Republican Party better wake up and smell the coffee. It's time to circle the wagons not fight each other.

Bill Carpenter Sr.
Here's another.............

Bernie Quigley: The Republicans’ War on Palin
By Doug Brady

From Bernie Quigley at The Hill:

The Republicans need to learn one thing before February. If they keep sending out their longtime apparatchik Steve Schmidt as designated Single Combat Warrior against Sarah Palin, they will lose.

His recent comments on “60 Minutes” about Palin’s statement that her selection as John McCain’s VP was part of “God’s plan” was — nudge, nudge — pneumonic scorn that, in the context of the other reports edited by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, quite obviously intended to caricature Palin’s simple and sincere expression of Christian faith to an “upscale” secular audience.

It does, in turn, caricature the same simple (in the Tolstoyan sense) Christian faith of the tens and hundreds of millions of Americans in the heartland with similar devotion. This comment couldn’t have been more poorly timed, as other Christian conservatives rose to defend Brit Hume’s recent advice to Tiger Woods even on the op-ed pages of The New York Times. But even we Buddhists, Unitarians and “hippies for McCain” up here in the low mountains of New Hampshire can’t ignore the dharma path that appears to have opened up for Palin in the past year and a half.

Schmidt’s Republicans are still stuck in the later 20th century, the age of Hillary and Newt, while they already have in their stall a rising champion who cannot be held back.


Steve Schmidt wants to be the lace-curtain, mass-market, MSM version of Levi Johnston. I’m sure he will pick up a few votes up here in Vermont and in western Massachusetts and down there across the Hudson, but from a marketing perspective it doesn’t make much sense to cultivate this polite and detached garden of conservative provincials when a hurricane is sweeping the heartland.

Bill Carpenter Sr. said...

How about a little update. The following is a response to my cousin concerning the Glen Beck/Sarah Palin interview.


I just viewed the Glen Beck / Sarah Palin interview ( I saved it to my computer so I can watch it when ever I choose ) I can truthfully say I have never in my entire life listened to or watched an interview that was more inspiring, even Ronald Regan. That may be because other than world war, we are now in some of the most desperate conditions as a country that we have ever been in. The depression was bad but that was about money, or lack of. Today our depression is concerning the actual survival of our country. I felt especially moved when the discussion turned to our founding fathers and George Washington. When Glen mentioned that some are waiting for the second coming of George Washington I was really moved when Glen alluded to the notion that Sarah Palin could be that second coming. That
gave me goose bumps. O'reilly had almost 4 million viewers when she was on, I'm really anxious to see what Glen's numbers will be. Pat, I truly believe that help is on the way and it's wearing a skirt. I have never contributed money or time to a political campaign, but I will contribute to Sarah and do anything I can to get her elected if she chooses to run.

Well I gotta run, I'm gonna watch it again, lol.

Take care, Bill

Bill Carpenter Sr.
Auburn, CA

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a bunch of nuts. 4 years later and Steve is still trucking!

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