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Sharron Angle Contributors include Citizens United

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Angle receives boost in last quarter fundraising. Contributors include Citizens United, responsible for last week’s Supreme Court decision

Reno, NV - Sharron Angle (R-NV), a former state legislator who leads over Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) in major independent polling, reported fundraising levels in the fourth-quarter of this year that exceeded her last two quarters combined.
Angle raised $368,941 for the quarter ending December 31, bringing her total raised to $582,941.

Angle, a conservative Republican who served eight years in the Nevada State Legislature, officially announced her run for the United States Senate in late October of 2009, resulting in a boost of donations which included a $5000 contribution from Citizens United.

Citizens United, a nonprofit conservative grassroots organization dedicated to reinstating government back to the control of the citizens, was responsible for the ruling handed down last week by the United States Supreme Court that resulted in the removal of several unconstitutional provisions of the McCain-Feingold act which had imposed undemocratic restraints on the First Amendment. Citizens United filed the suit after being shut down by the Federal Elections Committee as they prepared to release a fact-based documentary that was uncomplimentary of then-Senator Hillary Clinton.

Angle, no stranger to the Supreme Court when it comes to protecting the Constitution, was pleased to have the support of Citizens United, and applauded their victory as an enormous win for the First Amendment. “Our Constitution protects the right of free speech and that includes speech that pertains to political candidates,” said Angle. “McCain-Feingold was an endeavor to apply shackles to the First Amendment, and last week’s Supreme Court decision will remove those shackles and put us back on a path of restoring free speech for all Americans as guaranteed by our United States Constitution.” # # #

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