Friday, October 15, 2010

Delaware Senate Debate Christine O’Donnell Chris Coons VIDEO

>Christine O’Donnell acceptance (victory) speechDelaware Senate Debate Christine O’Donnell Chris Coons FULL STREAMING VIDEO.
O’Donnell Closing in on Opponent in Latest Poll

Christine O’Donnell, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, is now within 11 points of her opponent, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons. It marks a 10-point jump following the debate on Wednesday at the University of Delaware.

“It is clear that as voters become increasingly aware of my opponent’s liberal record of increasing taxes and wasteful spending, they understand the real choice that they face on November 2,” said O’Donnell, who would be seated immediately to fight in the lame duck session should she win the election.

“Does Washington really need another career politician rubber-stamping the radical agenda which has put our country on the wrong track? Delawareans know that we have an opportunity to send a message to Washington -- to stop the tax hikes, the bailouts, the slush funds, and cronyism by returning power to We the People.”

The poll was conducted on Oct. 14 by Rasmussen Reports, and had a very scientific 500 likely voter sample. The results are as follows: 40% Christine O’Donnell 51% Chris Coons 5% Some other candidate 4% Not sure


TEXT CREDIT: Christine O'Donnell for U.S. Senate • PO Box 3987 • Wilmington, DE 19807 • (302) 468-7010

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Rueben Jackson said...

If the RNC and the TEA Party would flood the air waves with the message that the so called health care bill is not a health care bill but a tax. It is not just any tax but a tax that will completely collapse the remaining part of the economy that Obama and the Democrats have not already destroyed. I recognized the fact that the so called health care bill was a tax bill with a health care label like cool-aid laced with strychnine even before Obama and his Justice Department had to admit that it is only a tax. It is a tax that targets the underground economy like the Fair Tax except that it will have the opposite effect, the Fair Tax would stimulate the economy, and the so called health care bill will destroy the economy. It should be re-named the "death care" bill, because the death panels will not just be for the elderly but for the economic life blood of America – businesses both small and large. If you have not already read it see the link below to the Cato Institute to see what I mean. Millions of businesses and individuals will be subject to an unprecedented invasion of their finances.There is still time to get this message out and I believe that it will help every TEA Party candidate especially those like Christine O’Donnell.

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