Monday, September 26, 2011

Eric Cantor Calls On Senator Reid To Stop Playing Politics With FEMA Disaster Relief

Eric Cantor Calls On Senator Reid To Stop Playing Politics With FEMA Disaster Relief

Majority Leader Eric Cantor

“There are people who are suffering in a big way right now, and they need to know that FEMA and the disaster relief monies will be there for them. We are told that FEMA will run dry and the Disaster Relief Fund will have no money by next week. That is why the House acted. The President made his request for the Disaster Relief Fund, we doubled that request and did it in a responsible manner and sent it over to the Senate. Harry Reid now says he won't take that bill up. Harry Reid is arguing with himself. This is why people don't like Washington.

"We have the money in the bill, it's there in a responsible manner, let's get the money to the people that need it. Harry Reid is now talking about perhaps bringing up a clean CR without disaster relief funding. If that happens, FEMA will run out of money and it will be on Harry Reid's shoulders because he won't act. The bill is there in front of him. The Senate should take the bill up and get the people the disaster relief they need. You're also going to hear from two of our freshmen from Pennsylvania whose districts are most hard hit as far as people really suffering and who need the money.

Q & A:

“The intention for us is to complete the TRAIN Act and to finish business of the day. The point is this: there is no brinksmanship, Harry Reid is holding a bill up with no reason but for politics. Again, this is why the people just don't have the respect for this institution and this town anymore. You heard the stories, people need the money. The money is in the bill, the emergency disaster request from the President is funded and then some, times two, and so there's no reason that Harry Reid is holding this up other than politics. Let’s get on with it and get the people their money.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) Remarks at GOP Stakeout September 23, 2011

TEXT CREDIT: Eric Cantor Majority Leader Office of the Majority Leader H-329, The Capitol House of Representatives P: 202.225.4000


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