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Meet Joe Sestak, AKA, Joe SaysTax - Watch the First Joe SaysTax Video

Allentown, PA – For many months, the Toomey campaign has acknowledged and commended Congressman Joe Sestak for being a person who honestly believes in the positions he espouses. That stands in stark contrast to Senator Arlen Specter, whose only discernable principle is his own reelection. But that doesn’t mean Joe Sestak’s sincerely held views are good for Pennsylvania.

As voters are now learning more about Sestak on their television screens, they should also get to know the real Joe. To help, the Toomey campaign is releasing a new video today, entitled, “Joe SaysTax.” It’s a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at the not so funny way Sestak recklessly spends our tax dollars.

All across Pennsylvania, hardworking families and businesses are struggling, and what does Joe say? He says tax Pennsylvanians and spend more of their hard-earned money.

Joe SaysTax thinks the first Wall Street bailout wasn’t enough, so he voted to release a second Wall Street bailout even though 99 of his Democratic colleagues voted against it.

Joe SaysTax thinks the $787 billion stimulus wasn’t big enough and said he would have voted for a $1 trillion stimulus.

Joe SaysTax thinks the job-killing cap-and-trade bill wasn’t big enough and would have voted for even more burdensome regulations and taxes.

Joe SaysTax thinks the $2.3 trillion health care bill legislation did not go far enough and even voted for a version in committee that would have allowed states to outlaw private health insurance altogether.

Joe SaysTax is so outside the mainstream, it’s no wonder that last week Pennsylvania Democratic Chairman T.J. Rooney told Politico: “If we want to keep this seat in Democratic hands, the only person capable of delivering that victory is Arlen Specter. I can’t say, honest and true, if the shoe’s on the other foot, that we’ll have the same race in November. The results could be cataclysmic.” Rooney also said it will be easy for [opponents] to “paint Joe Sestak as a far-flung lefty.” (Politico, 05/06/10)

All in all, Joe SaysTax has voted for at least $4.71 trillion in new spending over the past year and a half:

Cap-and-Trade . . . . . . . . . $821.2 billion
Health Care . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.3 trillion
Auto Bailout . . . . . . . . . . . $105 billion
Stimulus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $787 billion
Wall Street Bailout . . . . . . . $700 billion
Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.71 trillion

“Joe Sestak is so liberal and so outside the mainstream, his solution for every problem is to impose more taxes on Pennsylvanians and spend more of their hard-earned money,” Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik said. “On issue after issue, from Wall Street bailouts, to the so-called stimulus, to government-run health care, to job-killing cap-and-trade, Sestak has pushed for legislation even more extreme than those endorsed by Nancy Pelosi. Now that’s really extreme.”


Sestak voted for the cap-and-trade legislation. (RC #477, 06/26/09)
Sestak thought the cap-and trade bill did not go far enough, saying: “I was disappointed in this bill because I thought it was eviscerated during the process too much.” (Netroots Nation, 08/14/09)
Cost: $821.2 billion (CBO, 06/05/09)

Health Care
Sestak voted for the final health care legislation. (RC #165, 03/21/10)
Sestak said the final bill did not go far enough, saying, “I’m disappointed in the bill frankly, frustrated, I wanted a robust public option.” (MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell Reports, 12/17/09)
Sestak voted for a version of the health care bill in committee that would have allowed states to outlaw private health insurance altogether. (Education & Labor Committee, 07/17/09)
Cost: $2.3 trillion (Senate Minority Budget Committee Report March 26, 2010)

Auto Bailout
Sestak voted to bail out the auto industry. (RC #690, 12/10/08)
Cost: $105 billion (CNNMoney, “’s bailout tracker")

Sestak voted for the stimulus. (RC #70, 02/13/09)
Sestak thought the stimulus did not go far enough, saying, “This bill is actually a bit small in my opinion, but it’s the right step.” (ABC WPVI, 02/27/09) He also said he “would have voted for $1 trillion.” (NBC WCAU, 02/27/09)
Cost: $787 billion (Associated Press, 02/14/09)

Wall Street Bailout
Joe voted for the first half of the Wall Street bailout (RC #681, 10/03/08) and for the release of the second half. (RC #27, 01/22/09)
Joe thought a year of Wall Street bailouts was not sufficient and opposed a bipartisan effort to let the bailout expire after one year. (Press release, 09/26/09).
Cost: $700 billion (New York Times)

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